Missoula County Attorney Jennifer Clark is Corrupt


Missoula County Attorney Jennifer Clark is Corrupt.

Jennifer Clark is part of the corrupt ring of people in Montana who have had William M. Windsor charged with bogus crimes and incarcerated for 134 days.

Jennifer Clark was given the opportunity to prove that she wasn’t corrupt by bringing charges against criminal, Sean B**shie, whose alleged police complaints were used as justification to charge Bill Windsor of Lawless America.

Jennifer Clark ignored the evidence, and she did not even extend the courtesy of responding to Bill Windsor’s written criminal charges against Sean B**shie.

Jennifer Clark has no legal basis whatsoever to have charged Bill Windsor with the criminal intent to violate a protective order….from Texas…where even if there was a protective order, it is invalid by law.

Bill Windsor files new criminal charges against Sean B**shie

Bill Windsor volunteered for a Polygraph to prove the truth in Montana

Bill Windsor volunteered to let Missoula Police Department conduct a forensic examination of his laptop to prove the truth in Montana

Bill Windsor is about to give up waiting for the phone to ring in Missoula Montana

Jennifer Clark, Tyler Dugger, and Kirsten Pabst have committed prosecutorial misconduct and have filed false pleadings with the Missoula Montana Court

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